NEW CD: Fruit of Winter shipping to Patrons in February

Hi all,

Thanks to the support of Patrons, I was able to remaster and produce physical copies of Fruit of Winter. I am shipping them out NOW to my existing Patrons.

All new Patron signups through the month of February will not only receive Large Startling and its annotated lyric book in their first week, but also the CD of Fruit of Winter. That's 2 CDs and a Patron-only lyric book for $5. If you want to help Former Ruins flourish through this season of very few (if any!) shows, please consider signing up as a Patron. I'd love to have you with me as I get to work on LP #2 in 2021. See all benefits and sign up here.

If you're already a Patron, Jennifer and I want to express our gratitude for your support last year as the landscape of being an indie artist shifted significantly. Be assured of my prayers as we continue to make our pilgrimage through life. I hope the songs that are birthed from this year's labors will be helpful to you. If you're so inclined, share this post (it's public) in your own circles. If we could double our number of Patrons in 2021, it'd be a great blessing. Thank you!



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