WWWJDER Five Panel Camp Hat

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Inspired by the lyrics to 'Flannelgraph.' Perhaps you may feel written out of the narrative or "roasted at the table of sophisticates," you little WWJDer you. Well, so be it. Be one. Be a little-Christ, a Christian. Keep your eyes set on the one "flashing like fire, for the half-blind and beleaguered."

If I and you were to be the little, lamb-like, suffering WWJDers that we're called to be, I don't doubt that

Doing what Jesus would do was a 90's cliche. But it's what you, my friend, were made for. You were made to be suffused with Christ, the God-Man, with you in Him. Let the cliche die and the new reality live.

From one li'l WWJDer to another, with love,

• 100% cotton
• Soft-structured
• Five panel
• Low profile
• Metal eyelets
• Nylon strap clip closure